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For the next week, we are simply focused on alleviating toxins that built up from 6 weeks use of Can-Sol without die-off relieving agents. Once she regains some strength, we would like to resume the cleanse: how effective would it be to add Spirulina and Can-Sol to Nettle Leaf Tea? If advisable, how much and how often should it be administered? The same question for Bob’s Red Mill Hemp Protein Powder. What amounts are recommended?

Hello, Patti.
How is your sister doing at this point? I know how busy you are with her, but if you have time, please let us know if she’s made any improvements at all. Thanks

I don’t believe I would give her the spirulina and Can-Sol during the same period of time; this is a large amount of strong antifungal properties for her to handle all at one time, especially when you’re trying to get the toxins out.

The more nutrients and proteins she receives the better off she’ll be, so definitely use the spirulina and hemp powder for proteins during this time.

Start out with extremely low amounts of spirulina in order to prevent too many of the die-off toxins being produced in her body too quickly.

Do the same thing with the hemp powder because, remember that she can react to literally any new food or supplement, so when I write small amounts I’m talking about perhaps no more than a teaspoon the first day, then workup to the ultimate amount by one teaspoon a day.

As far as the amounts of both spirulina and hemp powder are concerned; these are high protein sources, so especially in her case you should use close to the amount of protein a day that her body size would indicate. Give me her weight, and I’ll see if I can come up with an amount that’s at least close to the exact number of grams she needs.