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cmoore wrote: I have always, in cold weather, had issue with very try hands. But since the candida has been acting more systemic my hands have gotten cracked and bleeding. Ive never seen anything like it. I just wash them and use a good cream like Neutrogena etc. But man, I have always heard it can do this, but until now Ive never seen it.

This is pretty evil ____! Thats for sure.

I always had very dry hands no matter the quality of the creams I used. It got worse after I gave birth to my girls and this is when I think I started having serious problem with candida as I had few rounds of antibiotics during and after pregnancy. My hands were cracking and bleeding on knuckles and between fingers. This calmed down last summer a bit, but this winter it’s gotten worse. When I started the treatment it came back full blast during worst of the die-off I had. It finally got much better and my hands are still dry but not cracked and regular hand creams work really well now.