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zimmer wrote: Stay Positive Positivo –

I’m new to the diet. But had a set back as well last night….Eating too brown rice products. The other day I accidentally put something with vinegar in my mouth and I spat it out but I had it in my mind it was all poison to my body…While it’s really important to try to be strict I don’t think it’s helpful to beat ourselves up if we make a human mistake. And Abel’s given you quite a bit of hope there. i.e. it should all improve now that you’ve taken away the bad boy. So it sounds like that if you do make a mistake it doesn’t undo all the hard work that you’ve done so far and take you right back to the beginning.

It’s really inspiring for me as a newby to hear the journey of people like thanks.

Stay strong and you’ll be amazing!

This is why I love this forum. Thanks to you zimmer and everyone else who replied. I did get down on myself but I’m back up and ready to continue the fight. Like I said I have made a lot of progress without a doubt even with this mistake. I hope I can finally be symptom free now and I know what’s wrong because I was honestly suspicious of eggs,, then oat bran then buckwheat thinking I was allergic to them but I think this was the culprit. I try to be positive for others and I did get negative for a second but like every struggle in life it’s how you respond to the surprises or the unexpected. I’m good now.i got my head on right. I hope we can all learn from each other and this actually makes me excited to see what’s going to happen in the next couple of weeks. Thanks guys. Who would of thought strangers would be more supportive then the people around me, but again everyone here can sympathize because we all share a similar experience.