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nai16 wrote: Hello there! I have noticed that, at least for the last 3-4 weeks (I started the diet 6 weeks ago), I get a reaction every time I eat chicken. About 1/2 to 1 hour after consumption, I start feeling increasingly bloated and it escalates to the point that I feel like I am about to burst. It lasts for 1-2 hours, after which I get short bursts of stomach cramps, followed closely by a bad diarrhoea, which seems to finish the cycle. I have been consuming hormone-free chicken since the start of the diet (“Macro” brand from Woolworths), so it shouldn’t be a reaction to chemicals. Two important additional bits of information: I never used to get these symptoms prior to the diet, and I don’t get any similar symptoms when I eat lamb, fish or beef (even non-organic meat, as I can’t get organic meat here in the outback). So I am wondering if anyone knows of any adverse reactions to chicken caused by any of the antifungals/probiotics on this diet? I am currently taking:

molybdenum chelate
milk thistle
SF 722
coconut oil
garlic tablets (rotating)
oregano oil (rotating)
grapefruit seed oil (rotating)
Candida Clear
Vitamin C
Probiotics 100B (Swisse)

Alternatively, could it be a reaction of the Candida infection itself, a type of “die off”?

Would be great to hear from you if you had similar experiences or know anything about this symptom! Thank you.

Looks like you are getting low quality chicken. Is it organic or free range chicken? and where are you buying it from?