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I think its a combination of the first 3. The alcohol could’ve really taxed your organs and it may not be leaving your body very easily, and it very likely caused more candida to grow (which isn’t leaving your body easily), and since you are on the diet still…it is dying off.

I still will stick by my statement I made earlier that vitamin C is very good for the skin, and highly recommend that you get some (its fairly cheap). I would get the one with bioflavanoids which have detox properties beneficial for your recovery. I would also consider a sauna, hot tub, steam room, or even hot bath to help detox your bodies biggest organ, the skin.

Additionally, it sounds like your body is highly inflamed by the alcohol, so I would look into eating/using anti-inflammatory foods and supplements. A great one is cod liver oil. I use fermented cod liver oil which is made by a more natural process (yet much more expensive) and has a more natural ratio of vitamin D.