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Lucy, before I post a complete reply to your last post, I had a comment about the B12 you’re taking. I don’t recall you mentioning that you’re taking a separate B12 vitamin in addition to the amounts in the multivitamin which means you’re obtaining a lot more of this one than the others.
Keep in mind that taking a lot more of one B vitamin – that you may not need extra amounts of – can cause a deficiency in some or all of the others. Below is some information and research about how important some of the other B vitamins are to the Candida treatment. Also, remember that the probiotic as well as kefir and yogurt are adding all the B vitamins to your system everytime you have these. So what I’m saying is, unless you’ve been tested and know for a fact that you’re deficient in B12, you should leave this one out of your diet. B7 (biotin) is the only B vitamin that should be taken alone as explained in the link below (but only for a short time).

B7 Biotin


B3 niacin,21ec1764

B5 Pantothenic Acid,fa4851e2

B1 thiamin or thiamine

B2 riboflavin,90f738d6