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Hello, Lucy.
As far as the steroids are concerned, even though this won’t cure the Candida, it can of course help with the inflammation if it flares up while you’re healing.

Considering that you may not have the molybdenum before Christmas, cutting back on the a few antifungals for a few weeks would make sense. But keep in mind, Lucy; you really have no way of knowing for certain if the skin outbreak is a die-off symptom or a continued reaction of the infestation, and if all of this is being caused by the infestation and not die-off, then cutting back on the antifungals may only make it worse. Molybdenum is normally used for die-off symptoms, but if the infestation is still that bad, the molybdenum should also help with the toxins that the live Candida are releasing. Whatever you decide to do, I would continue the coconut oil at the amount you’re now taking since it’s a whole food source.