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Hi Able,

Thanks as always for your detailed response.

B12 – I understand what you’re saying, I’ll stop this for now. I think I got confused because I’m also researching coeliac for my son and they’re quite often B12 deficient and need a seperate one. I think I have enought B vits including Biotin in my Multivit.

Thanks for all the advice re the supplements. I’ll get out a pen in a second and write out a list for myself, double checking the instructions on each bottle. Most of them I was taking in the correct amounts but that was more guesswork than anything.

That won’t work about the probiotic so. My friend will not only be flying back to Ireland but will also have to post them on to me (we live at opposite ends of the country). I’ll ask her to get the other 2 just. I’m looking forward to the new probiotic arriving and seeing what effects it has.

I read & re-read your last paragragh about the die off vs candida symptoms and I’m still confused!! But that’s fine – it’s not as if I need to deal with either differently just keep sticking to the diet & supplements rigidly.

It does feel like it’s 1 step forward 2 steps back but I’ve only myself to blame for that!!

Talk soon,