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Hi, Lucy.

I think the new outbreak is a combination of the wine (the Candida are still partying apparently) and the timing of the changes you made in the antifungals.
You reduced the intake of antifungals significantly when you stopped the Caprylic acid and lowered the amount of coconut oil – these, along with the oregano oil, were the strongest antifungals you were taking. Goldenseal and grape seed (or did you mean grapefruit seed?) are really quite weak when compared to the coconut oil and C. acid that your body was used to. You said you were taking the coconut oil twice a day; I assume that’s a tablespoon taken twice a day? If so, I can guarantee you’ll see an improvement if you raise this amount by one tablespoon every other day until you reach ten tablespoons, then stay there for about a week. To be honest, two tablespoons won’t make a nice dent in a bad Candida infestation (sorry). If the die-off starts getting too bad, then slack off and stay at one amount for maybe four days before raising it again. Believe it or not, when I saw the biggest changes in myself, I was taking 16 tablespoons of coconut oil a day (and hating every one of those with a mighty strong passion).

Are you taking molybdenum? If you’re taking 250 mcg’s three times a day as you need to be when the Candida are dying plus the daily sauna, then you can trust that the symptoms you’re having are from the Candida and not die-off. But personally, I don’t believe the outbreak is due to die-off at all, the wine and cut back on the antifungals are too much of a coincidence if so.

Please let us know how you’re doing tonight.