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Question: So could you advise please the quantities & frequencies of each please for maximum effect?

What I have is:-

Earth Source Multinutrient – Take after a meal.
Vit C 1000mg – You can work up to at least 3000 mg a day taking 1000 mg 3 X a day at anytime.
Odourless Garlic gel capsules (I have at least 3 fresh cloves a day too) 3 a day after each meal.
Olive leaf Extract 450mg – follow instructions – after meals
Cod Liver Oil 1000mg (has vit a 800ug, d 5ug & e 10mg) – after your largest meal containing oil and follow instructions for amounts
Grape Seed Extract 100mg – anytime, follow instructions for amounts
Wild Oregano Oil softgels (175mg in each) – How many are you taking at this time? take after meals.
Alfalfa 600mg – Follow instructions
Maximised Caprylic Acid (Octonoic Acid) 365 mg – up to six a day after meals
Vit D3 2200 IU (55ug) – 2-3 a day after meals containing oil
Vit B12 100 ug – After meals if you continue to take it.
Goldenseal Root (alcohol free extract) – tincture – follow instructins, after meals
Milk Thistle (af extract) – tincture – instructions, after meals
Citradical Grapefruit Seed Extract – liquid form – instructions, after meals
Apple Cider Vinegar – anytime, up to 6-9 teaspoons a day

Question: I’m expecting my stronger one in any day – it’s Extended Health Probiotics 120 Billion, 15 strains – should I start slowly with this and build it up? Will I expect new die off?

Reply: Depends on how much of the infestation is left when you start it, so it’s possible that you’ll see some symptoms. And yes, start slowly and build up very gradually to allow your system to adapt. I would go ahead and take this bottle, and then afterwards hopefully you’ll have the MegaFlora which contains the DDS-1.

Question: I just can’t get Molybdenum here or find it online. Or undeceonic acid. I’ve a friend going to the States for Christmas though to will ask her to get me both. 2 jars of each enough?

Reply: Yes, two containers of each should be sufficient, although I’m not totally convinced that undecenoic acid works any better against Candida albicans than pure coconut oil does (although if it’s in pill form, I’m sure it’ll be easier to take, so that’s a big plus).

Question: Also would she be able to get the Megaflora (DDS 1) for me off the shelf/ over the counter or would I have to pre order it to her US address?

Reply: The problem with this is that MegaFlora should be in a refrigerator or on ice at all times, so during shipment or traveling it needs to be packed in ice. You can order it directly from iHerbs already packed in ice, or if your friend can purchase it from a store in the states perhaps she can pack it in ice herself, which would require a small cooler. This would work fine for the trip back to Ireland. Most of the chain stores called the “Vitamin Shoppe” as well as some independent health food stores carry MegaFlora, although probably not all.

Question: Oh, and why if I decreased my anti fungals (by taking a few days break from the Caprylic Acid) did the die off increase? That seems like a contradiction to me?

Reply: Not a contradiction at all. But unless I missed a symptom, the skin problems you mentioned sound more like Candida reactions than die-off to me. But you could also be experiencing die-off along with increased Candida symptoms since you’re still on the diet and are still taking the other antifungals. The amount of Candida in your system could have increased because of the wine, and the more Candida you have in your system during the treatment, the more you’re going to experience both Candida symptoms and die-off, in other words, both can occur at the same time which may have been your case.