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Hi Able,

And boy what I party I gave em?!! The rash hasn’t got any worse or better since yesterday but it’s starting to itch today because I didn’t make it to the sauna yest. Heading there this avo and have already set time aside Sat & Sun. Interestingly – my hands, although still unsightly feel totally fine. On Sunday & Monday they were painful, achey, cracked, beeling on the knuckles and I couldn’t bear to have anything touch them, even water – tough with 4 kids to change/ feed/ bathe/ hug!!

I confused you about the antifungals (because I’m confused myself!) – Garlic & Coconut oil I had been having at least 3 times per day, up to about 8 or 10 big spoons of oil I guess. I was also oil pulling with it and then all of a sudden just the thought of it made me wretch and because I had been doing so well I slacked off and pulled back. I’ve started it again yesterday – oil pulling, coconut oil on my morning toast & snack crackers… adding a spoon to soup for lunch and using it to cook veg for dinner. I actually don’t mind the taste of it cooked, in fact it’s lovely on baked fish or roasted eggplant – but I think i was adding too much to the soup and it was kind of floating on the top luke warm & yucky! I tried it off the spoon with a warm water chaser but just couldn’t swallow it without gagging.

As for the others, I now have so many jars lined up I’m not sure what the optimum way to take them is! There’s also a few hundred bucks worth there so I don’t want to take them in the wrong way and waste by taking too much of any. So could you advise please the quantities & frequencies of each please for maximum effect?

What I have is:-

Earth Source Multinutrient
Vit C 1000mg
Odourless Garlic gel capsules (I have at least 3 fresh cloves a day too)
Olive leaf Extract 450mg
Cod Live Oil 1000mg (has vit a 800ug, d 5ug & e 10mg)
Grape Seed Extract 100mg
Wild Oregano Oil softgels (175mg in each)
Alfalfa 600mg
Maximised Caprylic Acid (Octonoic Acid) 365 mg
Vit D3 2200 IU (55ug)
Vit B12 100 ug
Goldenseal Root (alcohol free extract) – tincture
Milk Thistle (af extract) – tincture
Citradical Grapefruit Seed Extract – liquid form
Apple Cider Vinegar

Probiotic – the strongest I have still are Udo’s Choice super 8 (30bill 8 strains) and advanced multi billion dophilus – i’m taking both on an empty stomach first thing in the morning and waiting at least an hour before eating and then taking all the other bits above. I’m expecting my stronger one in any day – it’s Extended Health Probiotics 120 Billion, 15 strains – should I start slowley with this and build it up? Will I expect new die off?

I can take any combination and frequency of these… I can also bin some and get others if needs be.

I just can’t get Molybdenum here or find it online. Or undeceonic acid. I’ve a friend going to the States for Christmas though to will ask her to get me both. 2 jars of each enough? (Bearing in mind I won’t be able to get them again easily?). Also would she be able to get the Megaflora (DDS 1) for me off the shelf/ over the counter or would I have to pre order it to her US address?

Oh, and why if I decreased my anti fungals (by taking a few days break from the Caprylic Acid) did the die off increase? That seems like a contradiction to me?

Thanks again for any advice.

Much appreciated.