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copied from this page, Able wrote:

Virgin Organic Coconut Oil: (Virgin is absolutely necessary for this to work as it should)
In addition to being a whole-food antifungal to which the Candida cannot adapt, coconut oil is especially beneficial in establishing a positive environment for the survival of the beneficial bacteria. Plus, you don’t need to stop taking it when you stop the other antifungals as it does not destroy the beneficial bacteria you are trying to reestablish.

You can cook with the oil if you wish, but it would be much more potent and beneficial if you also take it by the spoonful in its raw form. When you start taking the coconut oil, start with (1) teaspoonful a day for three days. Then go up to (2) teaspoons for another three days, and then move up to (3) teaspoons. After this dose, continue raising the amount by one spoon every two days until you reach 15 to 18 spoonfuls a day.

Women can easily go as high as 12 to 15 teaspoons a day, though I’ve seen a few go up to 16 and one went as high as 18 for over a week. If you’re a male, you should be able to eventually raise the amount to 15 to 18 teaspoons a day easily.

check out bold part, this is extremely important for everybody.
I was always trying to get better as soon as possible, and took antifungals in too high doses which would always set me back since I would get severe dieoff