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Hello everyone. Here in that forum all people follow the high fat diet. But I start to here about a diet called raw food diet that can cure candida albicans. In the raw food diet you can eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and never eat fat and protein. I hear a lot of peaople saying that candida is gone when they follow that diet. What do You think?


Your probably referring to the 80-10-10 diet or one of its many flavors.
It’s complete BS in my humble opinion. Chances are the creator of this diet never had a severe CRC.
Sometime last year I followed this diet for about 2 weeks with 0% improvement in my symptoms, may have actually gotten worse. My fat intake was around 5% by calories.

While there is some truth to dietary fat and blood sugar, this diet does not work for people with CRC.

However, I would love to hear for somebody who actually cured their infestation with a low fat diet. It would be great, but I’m not counting on it.