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I have a lot of experience preparing raw foods and in my house we prefer raw vs. cooked desserts. I can tell you that raw cacao has more caffeine than regular cocoa. Since it is unprocessed its nutrients remain in a higher amount and that includes the caffeine. AniPhyo, a popular raw food chef, whose books I own and really enjoy, often mixes cacao and carob to lower the caffeine content.

One problem with the raw cacao is that it is hard on your adrenals as is processed cocoa. This is why often times it is recommended to use maca powder when preparing treats with raw cacao. Maca benefits the adrenals so it tends to balance out the negative effects of the cacao. I know that there are many health benefits to the raw cacao but when you consider that you have a bacterial overgrowth the benefits become relative to your current health situation.

I absolutely would not consume it on the candida diet. I feel it is against what you are trying to do achieve. Your digestion is not optimal right now which is why many foods need to be avoided. Right now your liver and entire digestive system are working very hard to process excess toxins being released from the dying bacteria and chocolate is a stimulant and its acidic. There is also a lot of hype about the benefits of raw chocolate but I tend to disagree with a lot of it. I think it is best eaten in moderation. I prefer carob because it has all the same benefits and it is not a stimulant or as hard on the body to process and you don’t have to add sweetener to make it taste good. That being said I don’t use raw carob because it is a bean (as is the cacao) and I find eating it raw is hard on the digestive system (you wouldn’t eat raw powdered black beans right)

here is an article explaining the caffeine in raw chocolate.