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That’s why i asked floggi because i know once its processed or cooked it increases the benefits but also the sugar. I will be eating it rarely and sticking with raw tomatoes that i might soften myself, no long cooked sauces, how does that sound? Also i can always check the sugar content on jars and cans, though i’m not sure how low i’d be looking on amount of sugar.

I can see the ACV i need, its cloudy as opposed to the filtered one i have now, i’ll go get it thanks raster.

Organic veges unfortunately are not massively available in the uk, its the same stuff only so i have to supplement with non organic or it would limit my diet, but i’m definitely with you on the meat.

In the uk it should be easy to get european cheese but i’ll try and be very minimal with it, it’ll be hard though. Gruyere, parmesan, grano padano. *sighs with pleasure*
A lot of these are matured though which i’d imagine is a mold risk, i have found a 0% sugar soft goats cheese though, i’ll check if it’s european origin.

You’ve been a massive help again thanks for clearing that all up.