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Sorry guys a few questions so i get it right.

My meat is all organic but not so much my veg.

With things like tomatoes, is that raw only? I know when you cook it or have it in cans or jars it increases the sugar [as well as the benefits of the lycopene though metal can have a BPA risk].

Apple cider vinegar, is this the standard one you can get in any supermarket as i’ve heard theirs a ‘virgin’ one too. Also mustard ACV, should that be made fresh and does that mean i can use mustard powder and such?

Is celeriac ok, i’ve seen it in the store and it just seems like a veg.

All coconut products, would this include fresh or desiccated flakes and flesh etc?

I’m also curious about zero sugar cheese like parmesan, i presume there’s a mold risk?

Also with mushrooms I presume there’s a mold risk though they haven’t given me issues. I don’t believe in the idea mushrooms feed candida because they are the same thing btw.

The last two questions are just curiosity. Thanks again.

Also i forgot to ask about other poultry like duck specifically. D: