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Thanks! I’ll have to look up the info on fermented cod liver oil. Yes, I have been supplementing with hcl, just not all the time. I’ll have to make sure to supplement with that everytime, especially when I decide to eat protein. I know when I took hcl before last year before I started this whole candida thing that I just seemed to have a reaction to every single supplement I took. Now, that is not the case; some still yes, but others really help! The hcl has does actually help now as I know I have a problem digesting meats. I realize the importance of getting your veggies in everyday.

I haven’t tried liver oil at all yet. I was just asking, but as far as fish oil; yes, I get a leaky gut reaction. At first, I seem fine, but then an hour or so later, it starts to kick in. Then, it can last the whole day feeling like cramp. Bloating, gas, headaches, feeling toxin and nothing can relieve it; just like if I ate something wrong in my diet.

I am glad that I had a pretty good day yesterday for the most part. Still not perfect, and then I had a spell before bed, but it didn’t last long. Just took my probiotic, and went to bed early.

I guess one more question; how many grams of l-glutamine have you taken in the past? I feel like it really helps me, but then other times, I think I might have taken too much.