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raster wrote: The thing is, the naturopath may not feel that he has candida or is his main problem. Or if she does feel that way, she is altering the diet in a different direction for the worst or better. Time will tell. He didn’t see any improvement in his ailments during the diet and he took many supplements/vitamins.
I say give it a try Timmy; it may or may not pan out…I just hope you can improve the health problems that are ailing you.Give us an update on your progress in a few weeks. Are you eating anything else sugary other than fruits? Have you checked out biotin yet?-Raster

All I can say is a repeat of my previous question, and if you can’t see this, then you’re not using the common sense you were born with.
“If you’re going to rid the body of a dangerous pathogen, how can giving it nourishment to sustain its life and allow it to thrive and multiply help your cause?”