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Hi Raster,
Thanks for the tips! Well I went to a Naturopath Doctor today. Very expensive but she convinced me she has delt with and cured my condition so I went with it. Basically the end result is that she gave me a modified diet of the anti candida diet. Basically stage two stuff with some fruit acceptable. Also changed around a few vitamins and also gave me some holistic medicine called graphites. It took her about 4 hours to decide this but she seemed convinced this will work. So I guess as of now week 6 of stage one and barely marginal improvement I am officially off the candida diet and going to try the ND way.

My overall impression is 50/50 that it will work. But I will give it a few weeks with her. If it fails I can always start back out on stage one. Hopefully I can gain a few pounds back before then.