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Hello dvjorge,

Before starting the diet, I used to experience a wide variety of reactions to gluten…I ate nothing but wheat pasta for a few months before starting the diet. At first I had ringing ears, mucous production, burping, headaches, things like that. Then eventually I got “the burn” feeling I’ve described a few times…it feels similar to the indian rug burn on you skin. It typically encompasses the whole body or your arms/legs. I also experienced heart palpitations, tremors, muscle twitching, etc.

Now when I eat something with gluten (I had a wheat apple pie for my bday last week) its just a very very faint burn…so faint its mostly a “headchange” type feeling. By headchange, I mean a click…your body just knows its something different.

Hope this helps!

I’ve had 2 hamburgers and fries since my first time a few months ago and ate an apple pie recently. Not living it up too much other than some potatoes now and then.