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Hello, Lucy, so sorry I didn’t get to you post yesterday, was a terribly busy day here trying to finish up before the weekend.

Quote: But I don’t quite understand. What exactly am I allergic to? Is it the yeast itself? Is it because I’ve been detoxing thought the pores so much that my skin has responded? If so, should I stop that method of detoxing?

Reply: Remember when I typed the following?

“If you are among the other 10% of the population, when the overgrowth occurs, instead of the Type 4 response taking place, an immediate hypersensitivity response to the overgrowth called “Type 1 Allergy” will take place, and this is when urticaria occurs.”

If this is the problem in your case, it means that the hives are a normal response of your body to the new outbreak of Candida started by the wine. In other words, it may be your body’s response to the growing Candida community. I know it’s been a while, but this just goes to show how powerful alcohol is when it comes to contributing to a Candida infestation. Understand that when the Candida yeast ferments in the human body this fermentation is an alcohol substance. That means that when a full Candida infestation is at work in the body, what you have is a brewery in your body working 24 hours a day, every day. Adding any amount of alcohol to this supply simply enlarges that brewery and subjecting the body to more problems as well as increasing the size of the infestation. Look at it this way, the extra benefit of the alcohol may have contributed to increasing the Candida population as much as a million more Candida shortly after you had the wine. And maybe that doesn’t sound like a big increase, and it really isn’t when you’re looking at an “infestation” of the human body; but this is a whole new Candida yeast generation which can begin multiplying their own numbers within 8 hours to three days of their entry into the human body. In three days that 1 million could easily turn into 3 million. Do you see how the problem can grow worse over a few days rather than better?

Quote: I think with the coconut oil I’ll just use it to cook and not eat it on crackers or by spoon. And should I avoid Caprylic entirely for a few days? I took probiotic this morning – should I take 1 or 2 more doses? And i’ll drink 1 tub of Kefir.

Reply: I would take at least two probiotics a day and two tubs of kefir. It’s fine if you want to reduce the coconut oil and caprylic acid until you receive the molybdenum. I just don’t want your die-off to be worse than the hives, that’s exactly what you don’t need right now.