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I believe it is the SF722 undecenoic acid that does this (preventing the candida from attaching to the intestinal tract):

If it isn’t, my second guess would be the juniperus communis homeopathic I take.

I am unsure of course because I have a poor memory; I just know he stated that one of the supplements I am taking performs this function.

As far as acupuncture; I really love it and think its effective for a short period of time. I go in every 3 weeks or so to have it done on me. I have done both one of the chinese styles and the vietnamese/french style of acupuncture and they both are pretty good (can’t decide which one is more effective). Be sure to mention that the main thing you want to improve is your digestion; you also want to improve your skin condition and detox. They will figure out what points are best for you!

The more energy you have in your body…the more effective the acupuncture will be in helping you out. If you are completely drained and have no energy, it won’t be effective.

The main benefit I get out of acupuncture is that it improves my digestion significantly (2 footer stool samples afterwards typically). The second is that I just experience quite a bit less malaise for a period of weeks and feel very positive/good in general.

Good luck!