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Able900 wrote:

This is why I went to a naturopathic doctor because he prescribed me something that will prevent the candida from re-attaching to my mucosal membranes (in the intestines). Ever since I have taken his supplements I have been on a very strong road to recovery.

You wouldn’t want to share the name of that supplement, would you, Raster?

I too would like to know what it is and maybe we can buy it in bulk and send it around to the members here at the forum who want to buy it. The problem with this naturopathics is that they dont exist here in europe/sweden and if then they have their own stuff and not what actually helped you and could help us.

Secondly. I really understand the desperation Lucylu expressed. For Able and Raster the situation is always clear in your standing with Candida. You saw the battle and went through it. But with people like us there is always and worse the attack on the mind. The very words Lucylu used I can sign too. I have the same problem not with the die-off. Or with the diet. I could stay for the rest of my life in stage one. I am still going on with it. But what rocks my boat and really pushes me over is that I dont know…If it is really die-off, if I feed the candida, or if the Gods in white who say that that sometimes a body is fucked up and nobody can help you are right. They say it nicer off course but the dirty truth is the same, they call it a chronic autoimmune sickness which none can heal but only fight the symptoms, eat and take cortisone to ease the suffering. etc etc.

Now, I happen to go on the road of natural healing from the inside out. I heard about die-off or even that the healing from the inside out takes longer is not dealing with symptoms but rather with the root of the problem. These even can produce worse symptoms because the body is healing. Even I know that, I get confused in battle needing a voice of reason to keep me focused not to loose hope.

I too wonder how long does that healing / die-off is normal. When should I consider giving up the battle and only fight the symptoms because there is no help for me?
I am now on your diet here from the end of October. How long is normal to come to a place of no symptoms when one is not cheating and very faithful to the diet?
I noticed that my Potassium Molybdate is not helping a thing. It could be as you stated in another Post that I have the wrong kind. I had terrible stomach problems now for 3 days, pressing on my bladder so I squint urine in my trousers. I have no idea why that came suddenly back. I wonder if I got a inflammation in the guts from the Buckwheat. Today when I woke up I was so happy that the stomach pain and urine problem was gone. BUT the running ants under the skin where back, the heart palpations greeted me softly but all in all I didn’t noticed much of it because I was clouded again in a brain fog.

Can you tell me please if that is normal what I go through and how long is normal. At what point is it sure that I don’t have a candida problem and it is a autoimmune sickness nobody can help me with?

all the best to you all