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Lucy, after doing some reading last night into the research on the connection between hives, rashes, and Candida, I have to say that I believe you have what we commonly refer to as “hives” and not a rash. The difference between the two is actually more than one would imagine.
What we refer to as “hives” is medically termed “urticaria” which is a characterized by very visible red bumps on the body which are raised and extremely itchy.

Rashes are on the other hand are the state of the skin where the color, texture and appearance changes. They do not normally cause an extreme itch. There are no definite treatments known for hives while rashes can be treated and controlled with menthol, camphor, Chlortrimeton, Alavert, and moisturizer.

This is the noteworthy part below, and you may need to read this twice to understand the significance;
Researchers contend that approximately 90% of the entire population is allergic to Candida yeast. A hypersensitivity, called “Type 4 Allergy” normally allows the body to control a yeast overgrowth, but of course there are times that an overgrowth will get out of control.

Now, if you are among the other 10% of the population, when the overgrowth occurs, instead of the Type 4 response taking place, an immediate hypersensitivity response to the overgrowth called “Type 1 Allergy” will take place, and this is when urticaria occurs. It appears to be apparent that you are unfortunately one of those 10%.

Hives can normally last as long as six weeks straight, and are normally caused by an allergy such as I just mentioned, but those that remain steadily for over 6 weeks may be due to some spontaneous unknown cause, which I don’t think is your situation.

I know that’s terrible news, but at least you have a reason for the hives, and can know that it’s perfectly normal if you are among that particular 10% of the population. We’ve had several members in the past to go through the same thing with hives, finding little to no relief for weeks. I’m sure Raster remembers a few of these cases.

Is the probiotic you mentioned that you’re taking the Extended Health Probiotics 120 Billion, 15-strain probiotic that you had ordered? If not, I would start this as soon as it arrives, on an empty stomach, of course. Plus, if it hasn’t arrived yet, I would begin having the kefir twice a day at the same amount you’ve been ingesting just once. This will go to work on the immune system and hopefully help with the hives since we’re fairly sure it’s an allergic reaction.

Lucy, I know it’s taken a while to get around to this information, and I’m sorry for that, but please realize that I hate to ‘guess’ when it comes to recommending what a member should do as far as treatment when there’s a specific problem apparent, so I insist on exhausting all avenues of research and analyzing my findings until I’m at least as sure as I can be about what I suggest to the person. Plus there are so many ways and reasons that a specific problem can manifest itself when a Candida albicans infestation is the basic cause from which all the problems stem.

Please keep us posted.