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Thanks Able. It really is amazing how a couple glasses of wine is still having this effect weeks later?

And after posting last week about how the rash/ hives was my only symptom, day by day other symptoms have emerged. By last night I had a pounding headache, my hands were very stiff and sore (and 2 knuckles bleeding), my nose was completely congested… also a new one for me (or is it unrelated?) my lower gums on one side have swollen up around my teeth – so much that my jowl looks kind of swollen. Its tender down my neck where my glands are. My mouth isn’t sore inside any more though.

My Molybdenum arrives Monday hopefully and fingers crossed it’s the right one, after all this! Also some SF277 (or whatever the number is!) and some more wild oil of oregano (which is really pricey here).

I’m much more positive this morning and the hives are less aggressive – had a relatively easy night with the kids (only up twice) and they’re actually behaving really nicely this morning!

I’ll follow your advice on the probiotic etc.

Have a great weekend Able.