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Refer to the allowed foods list:

This is different from the main website because it isn’t strict enough.

I would say quinoa is an iffy item; I personally couldn’t handle it after 2-3 days of eating it straight. I had a bad leaky gut reaction. However, if you were to rotate it with buckwheat, black/red rice, millet, and oat bran…the candida will have a tougher time adapting to it.

Candida can adapt to almost any food on the diet, but if you rotate the foods, it will have a tougher time.

Oatmeal is not on the allowed food list, but oat bran is completely OK. However, I would still only eat oat bran once every 3 days if I were to restart my diet.

The main thing you should worry about with rice cakes is the starch in the rice, and small amount of sugar. Also, get the unsalted ones because salt can be converted to dextrose (sugar). Try to switch to natural salts such as sea salt instead of using morton’s table salt. Rice cakes are not on the allowed food list and should be saved for phase 2 if possible.