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In response to your questions/comments:

1) How much meat do you eat?

2) Able900 has posted about this several times if you do a forum search, but it shouldn’t cause levels to increase.

3) Getting over the brain fog takes a long time, but there are some good supplements out there such as super neurogen, PS-100, and E3AFA essential fatty acids. These are ones I use.

4) I have a chronic sleeping problem (insomnia) and I get better sleep on the diet but it isn’t cured.

5) Almonds and all nuts at first should be avoided but added in time; almonds have a ton of mold which can easily feed other fungi. You can reduce the amount by soaking and roasting the nuts.

6) If you have health insurance that covers naturopaths, it only costs a co-pay. If you have a naturopath without health insurance it costs quite a bit more (just like if you went anywhere without insurance). Keep in mind that the supplements that they will prescribe will be costly as well. I spend about $300ish every month on supplements (not covered by insurance either).

7) Rice should be eaten vary sparingly on the diet and is not a good food to eat a bunch while on stage 1/2 of the diet. It should be saved for when you get better later in the diet. It contains high levels of starch, ferments in the gut, and isn’t very digestible. It basically feeds candida very lightly. Even after being on the diet for over a year, I don’t eat it very much myself.