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Naturopaths are not covered by insurance. Typically run $75 to $500/hour. Plus a good one is hard to find. If you feel you would benefit, search for a referral from a trusted source. I haven’t used one, neither has Able. But Raster and dvjorge have.

If you are using the fourm “strict” diet from Able, it recommends to eliminate rice and almonds, along with eating meat only once to twice a week.

Memory will increase with time on the protocol.

Sleep does improve. For me, going to the sauna helps me sleep better, as it flushes out toxins. When I go to the sauna, my body and mind seem much calmer and relaxed, and sleeping comes more naturally. My weekly goal is to go to the sauna 4-5 times a week, 20-30 minutes each session. Some gyms have saunas, as my local YMCA does, so its affordable.

The oat bran/coconut flour 50/50 mix bread has been a staple in my diet….would be a safe alternative to your rice. It will give you fiber, calories, carbs, and the oat bran is a prebiotic.