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1. The coconut oil thing is one of the more variable things most people seem to do when they follow the protocol. I personally just use some on my bread and thats it. Able put this in because he feels that it benefits the environment of the gut. I have no information about whether this is true or not but he sure does. If you don’t want to do it, you certainly don’t have to.

2. I have no idea, what are you experiencing?

3. Headaches occurred for me a lot more during the die-off period. If I cheated at all this would make them bad. Dr. Mccomb’s feels that inflammation of the gut is tied to the inflammation of the brain and so your gut is simply inflamed. If you take some cod liver oil (which is highly anti-inflammatory) this likely will improve your headaches.

4. Gas is tied to low HCL levels and you likely need to supplement yourself with some hydro-chloric acid.

5. Plan on a 6-18 month recovery timeline. For some people it may take longer (like me). Eventually when you heal leaky gut and become mostly symptom free, you can cheat somewhat often without any drawback (like cheating once a week or so).