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Our doctor wants us to take either Nexium or Prevacid to replace the 20 mg of Prilosec that now do very little to keep the heartburn under control. We have thought about this a lot and have been afraid to take anything stronger because Prilosec is bad enough as it is. Also if it doesn’t work then I won’t be able to go back to Prilosec and will just take a stronger pharmaceutical up that I might become even more dependent on. On one hand I’m wondering if switching to one of those would allow me to eat and get on a better diet, and on the other I’m worried that being on a stronger proton pump inhibitor would make my candida worse.

Also just a note I have a C677T gene mutation (MTHFR) which I tested positive for and from the list of foods I react negatively to I’m pretty sure I have a CBS pathway mutation as well. I’m sending out a test to 23 and me they are looking at many genetic factors for me. Many of the others who have my Fluoroquinolone toxicity are getting this test done as well and have a really high rate of us coming back with these gene mutations. (Fluoroquinolone=class of antibiotic) If I didn’t mention this before in this post all of my symptoms started after taking Ciprofloxacin.

I know that what I’m eating now is not healthy but I weighed in at 93 lbs today and am not keeping any weight on…….. I cannot lose anymore and have reactions to most new things I try to introduce into my highly restrictive diet. I am trying to slowly work my way up to the candida diet.

Thank you for your help,
Kristy and Nick

Please keep this post going as I have so much to ask about this?