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Vegan Catlady;53988 wrote:

And, indeed, cellulase transforms cellulose into sugar (glucose). Is that a problem? I cannot tell.

Sorry for only being able to give you my random thoughts. I would have liked to give you something more similar to an answer, but my knowledge is simply too limited. Knowing the limits on my knowledge, I think it’s better not to pretend I have knowledge I don’t really have.

lol…this is why I trust your answers 😉

I read and read, research and read,lol, and all that does is confuse me MORE.
All I learn is that there is conflicting evidence for everything I begin to get comfortable knowing…then I get uncomfortable again.

Catlady, I promise you that if you keep on reading and researching like you are now you will eventually come to the realization that Floggi is exactly who the people in this thread have accused him of being–a pharma shill. Pride/ego is not the reason I keep accusing him, but because I want to warn people so they aren’t misled by his posts. Any good disinformationist will try and win your trust by giving you some good information, all the while making sure to lead you away from the more important issues that can make all the difference in terms of your recovery. Fortunately, for this forum’s sake, Floggi isn’t that great at his job and doesn’t bring enough good advice to mask his blatant attempts at discrediting huge issues like amalgam fillings and vaccinations. Keep doing what you’re doing, keep digging, and eventually you’ll see that I’m only speaking the truth.

Also, regarding the topic of this thread itself, I can personally recommend the use of Betaine HCL for aiding digestion. If you’re bloated all the time and don’t know why, it’s probably due to low stomach acid. Supplementing with the right amount of HCL after meals can alleviate some of this and I personally found it to be really useful. Here’s an article for any that may be interested: