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lonelygirl;31579 wrote: I need your advice desperately! I am in two months on the diet but wondering if my meat intake is why I am not improving as much as I could be. I still have a way to go as far as being symptom free although I have improved so much already.

A reason can always be found when someone doesn’t improve on a good Candida diet and protocol after a few months; in your case, you probably won’t see much of an improvement in your symptoms until you stop taking goldenseal and berberine which are in the Candicid Forte.

Besides destroying the beneficial bacteria with goldenseal and berberine you’re also not feeding them very well. If you can’t eat more vegetables then I would advise you to purchase FOS which is a good prebiotic. At least with this you will be supplying food for the bacteria so that they can grow and multiply, that is, providing you stop taking the Candicid Forte.
Of course with your diet, you’re receiving very few of the minerals and vitamins normally supplied by the daily intake of vegetables.

I would also cut back on the amount of chicken you’re eating on a daily basis and add more eggs for protein.

The avoidance of weight loss is a simple matter of obtaining more calories than you’re burning; if this is what you’re doing then adding more food to your daily diet is the only way to change what’s happening.

Are you still adding to the amount of coconut oil? A woman can take up to 16 teaspoons a day depending on her size, but of course you’ll need to work up to that amount. This will also help you to stop the weight loss.

I assume that you have a link to the strict diet, if not, just send me a private message requesting it.