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Thanks Able for your prompt response,

Well last night I had the worst night of hives and itchy hands and a swollen face. I ended up taking an allegra which helped some. I actually went to a medspa to get a dose of vitamins in my system and praise the Lord it seems to have helped. I know my immune system needed to be boosted to continue to fight. I did drink the aquaflora this morning, but I am contemplating taking it tonight based on your comments. I will continue to candida diet for the next three weeks and then move to the next stage of the diet. do I have to take the aquaflora if I am on the diet plan. I have already done a detox cleanse with castor oil and the olive leaf extract.

The multivitamin is the prenatal RAW womens vitamins, which I was taking up untail I ordered Fertailaid and started taking the pills three times a day for the month of May beginning June when this started, so I stopped the Fertailaid. This was to help me concieve, but I really think my system was allergic to something in the supplement. The Women prenatal multivitamin, I only took once a day with vitamin E and a probiotic. The Fertailaid like I stated earlier I took a pill three times a day and when I actually looked at the label after the fact I saw it had a high content of iodine.

My hives are clearing up thank God. I will not take anything and just stick to the diet for now, it is all natural anyways. The probiotic the store gave me was from American Health Dual action enzyme probiotic complex.

My question is should I just skip the aquaflora and just continue with the diet and then in the 4th week I will do the organic extract? I really think my immune system is fighting something. Thanks