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Katy Gillett
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Hi Able,

Thanks for that – I was hoping you would reply! That’s a lot of information to take in and also very confusing as I’ve read so many articles on why an alkaline body is much more beneficial for us.. but this is in the context of someone without Candida… Is it different?

You mentioned citric acid – is that allowed on the diet? I was under the impression it isn’t.

I haven’t taken digestive enzymes – I wasn’t sure which to take. I was waiting to get back to the UK to get some advice from a naturopath or someone as I don’t have access to anyone who knows about this stuff here, but I’m so uncomfortable now I have to do something. Its 3 weeks until I return to the UK.

I believe I have experienced die off symptoms – these are usually a fuzzy head, lethargy, headache and excessive thirst. This was when I first started the diet and when I drank a cup of pau d’arco tea and a spoonful of coconut oil. I then held back on the antifungals because I was being bothered by something else and needed to figure out what. Turned out it was my multivitamin irritating my stomach. So now I’ve re-started with pau d’arco tea (only 1 cup a day right now) and 350 mg of caprylic acid as of the other day. I have been getting headaches and thirst but not as bad as before so I’ll up the antifungals soon – should I take 700mg of caprylic acid? (the pill bottle says only take one a day but I’ve read I should be taking at least 700 mg but I then again I obviously can’t believe everything I read!!) I’ve also been suffering badly from dizziness which has been an ongoing problem for 6 months which comes and goes and the doctors haven’t been able to figure out.

When I said I’ve had it for 6 years I mean I’ve been ill for 6 years without a diagnosis that will explain my symptoms (other than candida which as I said was only self-diagnosed)… I’ve only just really decided to take the plunge and do the diet and everything I can and fully believe I have this 7 weeks ago.

I could try being stricter on the diet if that’s what you think holds people up. I have been eating millet, quinoa, oat bran and brown rice (but brown rice once or poss twice a week). The bread I make is from Bob’s Red Mill brown rice flour, buckwheat flour and millet flour plus eggs, baking soda, water, olive oil and a bit of sea salt (usually a combination of those flours – it varies – but brown rice flour is always the base flour). The raw carrots and sweet potato I only just recently added back into my diet and I didn’t get any worse but then again I didn’t get any better.

The reason I kept these things in my diet is because I can’t afford meat all the time and I can’t stomach eggs that well. I’ve cut yoghurt out a couple of times too to see if that was the culprit and just restarted it yesterday so I guess I’ll see on that one. Also with the probiotics I can only find one with one strain of acidophilus in it here (it says 100 million at time of production) so again I have to wait until I’m in the UK for that one which is why I put greek yoghurt back in.

Wow that’s a long email.. sorry about the barrage of info!! Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me…