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Katy Gillett
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I just typed a huge response to this and annoyingly it got lost in cyber space!! Well here we go again…

Hi Able, please don’t be sorry as I truly appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I need all the help I can get right now!! So thank you for that.

I’m slowly beginning to understand more and more and what you have said makes a lot of sense of course. It looks like the products on offer in Bahrain offer me the bare minimum in what I need so I will wait until I get back to the UK to order to products you suggested. Thanks.

The coconut flour is another product I’ve searched high and low for since reading your mention of it but my hunt was unsuccessful unfortunately. Something else to order when I’m back :). Today I made a bread with buckwheat flour, ground and cooked quinoa and desiccated coconut among other things. Not as yummy as the other breads I’ve made but that’s better as I won’t eat as much of it!! Anything to keep my energy up right now is good.

Another question (sorry) I do have is how do I find out the GI of a food? I’ve been using an online database but are these reliable? I find them rather confusing…

Yet another, more important, question I have is do you have any tricks up your sleeve to treat dizziness Able? Next to gastro problems and brain fog this is one of my main symptoms and possibly the worst. I’ve had it for 6 months now, seen 1 GP, 2 ENTs and 1 neurologist who collectively prescribed 4 different prescription drugs used to treat common dizziness/vertigo issues. None of these even made a dent in it. The diet has done nothing to help either, even when it has helped all my other symptoms. I haven’t had an MRI but the neurologist said after the consultation he couldn’t see a clear link to a brain problem and said he was 90% sure it would be clear (I will have one in the UK though – its just very expensive here). The ENT said he couldn’t see a clear sign for it being an inner ear problem either, particularly as I didn’t respond to any of the drugs. He put it down to stress and sent me on my way. In your experience Able could this be to do with the candida overgrowth? It is more of a vertigo than lightheadedness and often feels as though I’m wearing a band around the sides and base of my skull. There is a pressure there too, and in the ears. It is at its worst in the evenings (though I do sometimes get it during the day, but I’m always fine in the morning) and sometimes I have to go straight to bed after work because I can barely stand. Any ideas on this and possibly on how to alleviate this at all?

Sorry to bombard you again but I am genuinely thankful that you take the time to not only reply to my posts but everyone else’s as well. It’s very kind 🙂

On another note I wonder how Hope is doing as I haven’t seen a post from her in a while…