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i decided that i care too much about food and i was eating healthy food but things went wrong anyways.. and my gf stopped mixing carbohydrates and proteins… only this thing and believed in it and her pms went away and menstrual pain went away.. only one thing worked 100 times more for her than 20 things worked for me because she believed in something (placebo effect).

when i was talking with girls today at school (i don’t have guys as classmates, ok 5 of them out of 55 🙂 ), i found out that everything they talk with me about is food. what i really want is not a complicated diet that will give me health.. i only want to eat healthy not-processed food and stop caring about if i am doing everything the right way. i was sitting on a chair, reading a book about nutrinional aspects of food processing and ingredients (scientific book) and i said to myself: what the fuck man, what have you become… a maniac that is so nervous about food that the food is harmful to him. i’ll concentrate on fun in my life and i’m starting with laughter. i’ll laugh at least one hour a day. i’ll laught the f*** out of me.

i was reading a book on my kindle about pick-up (seduction community) and there was a part of the life described of one of the best pick-up artists (seduction masters/teachers) and i noticed what they were doing… they actually don’t eat healthy food and they’re healthier as people that are nervous about food all the time because they have sex and they have fun 24/7.

i’ll just eat healthy food and more important, i’ll be concentrated on fun and get out of my house. i’ll stop studying things and do something! i’ll not complicate my life but make it simple.

Have fun and HAVE SEX!! 🙂 (if you’ll get cancer because of your unhealthy food, they’ll find a treatment in 10 years, don’t worry. check out ray kurzweil on youtube 😉 )