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JaneneBean wrote: Again with the buckwheat breads and coconut breads….WHERE do I get these? Do I make them? Are there recipes here on the forum? Why is coconut bread allowed? What are the ingredients? I’d LOVE to have some sort of bread but there isn’t anything I’m allowed to have at the health food store. It’s a tiny store and they have to order things in. I don’t have a large heavy duty mixer, so I’m thinking that making bread might be out of the question for me.
Thanks for any information, I’m so curious to know what makes these breads different and therefore allowable on the diet.

Hi Janene,

These breads would be very easy to prepare. You don’t need a mixer, just put the dry ingredients in a large bowl and stir them so they combine. Then add eggs and mix with a wooden spoon (the one you use to cook and stir food while cooking for example), then add liquids slowly, I add oil(s) first, and mix, and keep doing that until you are out of all ingredients and you will most likely have a mass that is a consistency of a smoothy or something. Oil the pan you will bake it in (for a nice loaf I suggest you try to find a deeper narrow pan if you can then you will have a nice slice of bread) and pour the mass in there. Pop it in the oven and bake at 180-200 degrees C for at least 45 minutes. Test with the wooden toothpick (insert it in the middle of the bread and pull out. If there is stuff that sticks to it, your bread is not done yet so put it back for little longer).

It is so quick to do and easy. You should definitely try it.

Hope this helps. Have fun baking 🙂