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Able900 wrote:

… especially after reading sentences like “buckwheat doesn’t feed candida” in the forum. If I would rely on this sentence, it would mean that I could eat as much buckwheat as I want.

I suppose most of us just type the above rather than going through the entire explanation every time a similar question is asked. All we want to do is get the idea across that buckwheat and other such foods, even though they present possible problems, normally have more of a positive effect than negative. Perhaps we shouldn’t, but we also assume that members are aware of the fact that this type of food should never be overused.
This is why buckwheat is listed as a “test” food. Test foods are different from other foods that are not labeled as such, and any test food should be eaten carefully with an eye out for possible reactions.


Hi Able,

If you could add some logical explanation only you can (and thank you for making it so easy to understand!) for limiting coconut bread. Is it the potential of die-off or what? I’ve seen posts about not having more than three slices per day but am not sure I ever seen any explanation of why.

I assumed that buckwheat and oat bran are safe to eat as much as we want since it feeds good bacteria. Should I still limit it?

If yes, what would be the limit I should not cross?

For instance, I sometimes have three tablespoons of oat bran cooked like oatmeal for breakfast or snack, but I also eat 3-5 slices of oat bran/buckwheat bread. Is this too much? Or does the feeding good bacteria even out with potential of feeding the bad guys?

Thanks in advance for your response!