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raster;49078 wrote: Yes. You should be closer to 6.8ish ideally. My pH was 4.0 when I started out and according to able, the yeast wouldn’t be able to thrive in this environment (he thinks that yeast can’t live in acidic environments). But I was deftly ill. When my pH rose to closer to neutral, I started to feel a lot better.

There are other things that can increase your pH. For instance, I use this really fancy baking soda called pleo alkala. This is the stuff naturopath’s use instead of baking soda, and its way more effective than baking soda (so tread carefully if you get this product).

Don’t use too much baking soda or alkalizing stuff because you can develop kidney stones if you overuse it. You need to drink plenty of water to flush it out the body so it isn’t hard on the kidneys. The water will also help reconstitute the body…if you become dehydrated you become more acidic. Water and pH have a strong relationship.


I see, well thanks raster,
The funny thing is my stomach acid is actually low, so I take HCL with food. and now I take baking soda early in the morning on an empty stomach,
This was confusing to me because how can my PH show acidic and have low stomach acid at the same time?!!

I watched this video about PH which helped me understand a little better:

Apparently blood PH levels and PH levels in the stomach, intestine and colon are at different levels.