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raster;55640 wrote: He is really old skool and doesn’t advertise or have any websites, he is only shared by word of mouth. He is like 60+ years old, is a short asian man who is kinda like yoda because he is buddhist. He learned from doctors all around the world including shamans/witch doctors in the amazon, etc. His main teacher was Dr. Prada Pascual in spain who has a center there. Prada pascual developed a spanish blood test that tests your blood for parasites, viruses, yeast, and genetic stuff (I haven’t done the test yet cuz its like $500).

Wow, he sounds like quite the character! Very interesting backstory.

raster;55640 wrote: I can give you contact info if you are interested.

No, that’s ok. Thanks for offering though!

The reason I asked, is because I know you’ve brought up the importance of pH in the past, and I’ve been reading up on this issue lately. According to Cutler for instance, if your urine is too acidic, some metals, like cadmium, can be dropped in the kidneys when using thiol based chelators. I think I’m okay because I take apple cider vinegar daily (regulates your pH), but I still might pick up some pH strips.