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delicaterose;42624 wrote: I have been looking into taking nystatin. I have a gynae problema and also fungal problems with my toes-athlethes foot and possibly onychomycosis. Do you think this would gynae problem- which is my main problem?

I took flagyl before but I think it kind of made it slightly worse. Do you think there would be any point in trying it again now that my immune system is stronger? I don’t want to take these drugs..but am due to visit doc again soon and last time he did understand why I didn’t want drugs. However, as the plan that he put me on hasn’t really worked, I’m wondering if he’ll try to give them to me this time!

Nystatin, is just one of many things that I’m looking into. I’m just trying to get as much info as possible first.


Don’t take Flagyl. Metronidazole is one of the worse antibiotics causing fungal overgrowth.

Regarding to Nystatin, it will act inside the intestine only. It is a good antifungal because is non-systemic and the gut is the main objective.

I see no reason to ask for a long course of Nystatin.