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Thank you Able, I know it might not be an allergy and she knows it as well, but she said its worth a try , because all other tests were negative… Yes, she suggested chicken (because I have a very bad reaction to fish), but I was a vegeterian for 7 years, I started to eat meat a year ago and suddenly it happened again – I started to feel disgusted when thinking about eating a meat. I am not sure, does yoghurt have any protein ? I dont think I can eat chicken :-/ . But she does not say to quit the diet, she said to try this for three weeks and then slowly adding up like two to three days each : egg, buckwheat, etc etc. Do you think something bad might happen to me ? And the dark circles that appeared are not like dark circles, its more like … I dont know how to explain : mixture of eye bags and dark circles : it looks disgusting and I hate looking into the mirror, I look so much older 🙁 so I want to try anything, do you think it will go away at some point ? And the pain in the eyes and the floaters :-/ I have read on the internet that its healthy to drink like a “shot” of virgin olive oil first thing in the morning : do you think thats a good idea ?
I have a medium figure, so I dont mind losing weight to get into size S 😀 just kidding, I only want to be healthy …