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How long do you let Kefir sit? A friend told me to let it sit overnight with kefir grains in it and she said to let it sit out on the counter(not refrigerate it) That brings me to a question however, and its probably a stupid one haha –so fermenting and molding are not the same thing(?) I am assuming. The mold is what we are staying away from, from what I am learning.

Which brings me to my next point–I am trying to rid my house of any fungus, molds, well as my body Does anyone have experience with this?

OK one more question -promise this is the last one–my daughter, who just turned 11 is on the diet with me (she has many of the symptoms but of course the pediatrician never thinks this diet is safe) But as of now, I have had it with her eczema, allergies asthma and difficulty swallowing so as of today, it will be her first full day on the diet….Somebody tell me Im not a bad mom 🙂 Anyway, She just asked me if Soy Milk was OK to drink. I am trying to inform her of good health habits and in my opinion, I believe this diet to be a VERY healthy diet. Rest assured, in no way, am I trying to get her to lose weight or anything–she is beautiful!!!

Thanks everyone for this great forum–so so so helpful–I hope everyone has a great and healthy day! 🙂