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Could have been me who talked about increase of symptoms with PMS and bad weather. But for me it lasts through my period. Just went through week of double whammy, both at same time and it is not fun. I have hypermobile SI joint and also the ribs and vertebra in my back move more since I had a baby and it results in feeling cold, clammy and totally uncomfortable in my own skin. Not sure if anyone else ever experienced these? Have seemed to have increase in these back symptoms lately and I do the same as you, question everything…could it be this or that. It’s a really subtle symptom that can worsen with hormones and weather so I get a little self obsessive and that just increases the stress if I’m not careful. There are 2 things that I am doing that could be possibly problematic. Truvia? But I love it and hope not to have to give it up. Steviva has such intense aftertaste. Also do this BBQ chicken every Friday bc no time those days to cook. Pull Off skin and such and eat meat underneath but maybe sauce in tiny amounts from fingers etc? Not sure. So the chicken will go first and see how I do then if needed the truvia. But then throw in hormones or weather and my read on everything gets skewed. Ugh! I pray for relief Of self obsession and look to help others which helps get the focus off my stuff. It’s amazing. As I go through this I have heard if 2 other ppl semi locally doing the same. Seems this candidasis is so much more pervasive than I realized…And lastly, writing it all out helps get it out of my head. Then I can move on and focus on other things that need my attention…