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Hi Patti,

I have bad back as well and it used to give me trouble with bad weather and this I can live with. I can live with the ear noise and general “feeling like crap” feeling, but what gets me is the muscle weakness, not being able to drive or care for my kids. The other day I dropped my girl while getting her out of her bed. Luckily she was not hurt, didn’t even cry since her sister thought it was hilarious and wanted mommy to drop her as well! My arms just gave up and I could not hold her (she is 16.5 kg). I started teaching them to climb their high chairs etc. to make it easier for myself.

I am still better since yesterday even though I took antifungal last night. I am not that moody either. I did take only half a dose and last time I felt good after first dose but next day it got me (if this is what it was). We will see. I guess I must do some more research about it. It just seemed that I was awful just before period, but have not so many of the old PMS symptoms so got a bit confused.

I guess our bodies are going through so much with this treatment and it all gets a bit confusing at times. I really had a bad day and needed to share it with someone and get it out. I too generally feel better once I get it out and then get on with my day.

Thanks for your response!