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I received the supplements that I need:
Vitamin E, B50, chromium picolinate, magnesium (citrate), vitamin C, zinc, taurine, selenium.
I see that I haven’t ordered enough vitamin E. Cutler advises 1000 IU. I have capsules of 100 IU. I’ll take 2 of them/day (otherwise I’m out of them in a month). I guess the actual dose doesn’t matter that much.
I will still take candida related supplements.
What about antifungals? I don’t have any die off anymore (or very minor) these days.

I also figured out that I have methylation issues. One day I saw soy lecithin in the shop. I bought it just to try. You never know… It was a huge difference! There was almost an immediate relief of brain fog. I also have much more energy these days. Methylation problems are most likely the root of my poisoning. It would be perfectly logical, since my symptoms not all that huge (I guess). Something to figure out.

I’m gonna start chelation in 2 days.