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Able900 wrote:

One thing freaked me out it bit and that is what I read about IBD Inflammatory bowel disease. Why did I look into that, well because I have exactly the symptoms. here I read: But in people with IBD, the immune system seems to overreact to normal bacteria in the digestive tract. And once it starts working, the immune system fails to “shut off.” This causes the inflammation, which damages the digestive tract and causes symptoms. the bold outline text is the part where I got afraid about. What is if I cant have good strong Probiotics because my immune system freaks out with them. If that is the case I am really in shit. What do you think Able.

Thomas; do you remember when you first stated researching Candida and reading tons of information and noticing how many different sites you read about what will and what will not cure the infestation? Way over half of them really didn’t have a clue, right? Well guess what, it’s the same for any disease you can name. There are hundreds of people on the net who think they have the end all answer but have never bothered to find actual research proving or disproving their theory. We can say the very same about Inflammatory Bowel Disease, there are lots of people who don’t have a clue as far as the research conducted, yet they’re telling people they have the answer.

The article below was published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology. The article is about butyric acid producing bacteria, and at least two of the bacterial species which produce butyric acid are in most of the good quality probiotic brands, those are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.


Dear Able,
yes I surly remember and some of them where counter-productive even dangerous! Its a jungle out there and I am happy you are guiding us,therefore I came with my question to you before I really deeply believed that article.

Anyhow the voice of pain is quite powerful and the thoughts easily attach with them forming a believe structure. Thank you for your information, it really helps me to see straight and not having stomach pains right now together with your information forms nicely a new believe structure that of…“you see Able is right..its only die-off, you are on the right track…move on!”

Thank you