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DancePants wrote: My question is: If I go “full-on” with an anti-candida diet and cleanse my body, like this website suggests, will all my symptoms go away? all of them?

Yes, the symptoms can all go away just like mine did, but the diet alone will never cure your infestation it’ll only lower the numbers to a certain degree. The environment of the intestines and colon will have to change before the infestation can be completely cured, and the diet alone can’t do this. There’s a specific protocol that should be followed in order to bring this change about.

Also: Do I HAVE TO take probiotic suppliments?

Do you have a problem with probiotics? Because you won’t cure the infestation without probiotics and kefir, preferably homemade.

You should read the protocol to see if you’re interested in curing your infestation.

The Protocol

Let us know if you have other questions.