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I just wanted to chime in and say that my naturopath very much believes in this spinal fluid buildup being a factor in many peoples general health and it directly relates to seizures and mental health as well. I personally experienced seizures before and during my treatment and it completely went away after I started super neurogen (heals the brain) and e3AFA (essential fatty acids which drain the spinal fluid). I may have gotten these two supplements confused in what they do.

Anyways, there are supplements that help drain the spinal fluid as well as acupuncture points that do it as well. As I’ve started to heal the brain and drain the fluids, my mental clarity has increased significantly and I am quite a bit sharper in general. I have noticed other changes as well but it is hard to place exactly what neurological differences I am experiencing because they are difficult to describe. In general, once I started these two supplements, I’ve started to feel a lot better and it has topped off my treatment. This week I was very surprised with myself and how I felt, I am feeling like I did 5 years ago.

Certain things deplete brain and cause spinal fluid buildup; examples include medication, stimulants, caffeine, smoking, wheat, barley, rye, alcohol, sugar, etc (basically everything we are avoiding on the diet).