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Tigger, I was where you were…I didn’t want to stop working out, and no one could convince me otherwise. If we can’t work out, then what’s left to do for fun?

I’m not sure how bad your infestation is, but if you are suffering from a candida overgrowth, it will take a long time to fully recover. Many people “relapse” or never fully heal because they go back to their old diets or start working out before the liver can handle it. Everything you throw at your body, it has to deal with…including exercise. Your body uses it’s resources (which are already limited b/c of the candida) when you work out, plain and simple.

I used to work out daily before the diet, and was in great shape, taking full body muscle works classes during my lunch breaks. It was giving me muscle mass, but I wasn’t healing or getting any better.

I haven’t worked out since being on this diet, and yes it sucks. I had a severe candida case, and I’m now on month 5 of the diet, and just starting to feel better (like I am healing). I really liked having a sculpted body…now, I’ve lost 25 pounds of muscle mass, going from 187 to 162, at 6 feet tall. I’ve had to buy all new clothes. I am skinny and delicate. It’s just the cards that candida sufferers are dealt, and I’ve just had to play that hand for the time being. It was tough to accept this emotionally.

I’d rather be able to completely recover so I can fully exercise in the future, than halfway heal my candida and have a relapse and have to start all over again. There are thousands of stories of people who don’t do a candida protocol the right way, and either “relapse” or have worse infestations that when they started, and have to start the treatment over and over.

It will all make sense as your body starts talking to you a month or 2 into the treatment.